Bheemeshwari Adventure Camp

I finally found some some time to go on a weekend trip with my college friends to Bheemeshwari, about one hundred kilo meters from Bangalore. We booked a mini bus and started off from Bannerghata Road around 9 AM in the morning.
We reached Bheemeshwari - Jungle Lodges around 11 AM. After a quick welcome drink we started wandering around in the campus.
Bheemeshwari Jungle Lodges

We had taken a package called Adventure Day Visit - Rs 1700 per head. This package included four activities with welcome drinks, lunch and evenings snacks included.
1> Zip-line jumping
२> Burma Walk & Parallel Line
३> Coracle Ride
४> Kayaking

I came to know more details from this website :

First I did the Burma Loop Walk which seemed to be pretty easy. Just a careful walk on a loop make with nylon ropes. The second part was the Parallel line walk which seemed to be slightly more tricky with some better balancing required.
Here are some pictures to give a better feel of what it is like.

The Burma Loop Walk

The Parallel Line Walk

After getting very excited with the walks I attempted the Zip-line which seemed to be a very exciting adrenaline boosting activity.
Once I climbed the tree using the rope ladder I was knotted to the Zip line by the instructor. All I had to do was jump.

Across the Zip Line

After a couple of these I was pretty tired and it was time for lunch. The dining hall is on the banks of the Cauvery river.
A very decent lunch buffet was present with a variety of items for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.
After lunch , I enjoyed a swing for sometime and then sat down near the river banks to enjoy the winter sun.

Enjoying the Beautiful Winter sun beside Cauvery River in Bheemeshwari
There were a lot of different kinds of birds, chirping merrily. Hopefully next time I will get some good snaps of the birds. There were a lot of monkeys too, monkeying around as usual. One of the monkeys snatched a bottle of Fanta from me.

After a bit of rest we decided to go for a leisurely coracle ride on the river.

After the leisurely coracle ride it was time to learn kayaking. Since the river was calm we really did not have any difficulty. Rather it was another extremely pleasant activity.

Kayaking on the Cauvery

It was almost sunset time and we sat down on the banks of the Cauvery to see the reflections of the setting sun on the river.

Sunset on the Cauvery
It was tea time. After a quick tea and some more photos it was time to return. End of a wonderful day trip.

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