Traffic on Hosur Road

For people to follow traffic sense there must be adequate infrastructure in place . Taking an example of Hosur road Bommanahalli faces a huge jam every day ,at some hour or the other , and scores of people are trying to cross the road in various directions . there should be proper foot over bridges or subways for people to move freely and safely .
I come by bike quite often and faced another problem .. there is simply no proper signal all the way from electronics city to silkboard . At night I have often screeched to a halt at the signal directly from 40 to 0 barely catching a glimpse of a traffic police waving from nowhere ( someday will simply get hit by someone from the rear for stopping like that on a road ) .... now I stopped at a decent distance but another car just stops say one metre in front of me .. no finite line of stopping .. no zebra crossing , white lines etc.. the 3 lane road suddenly tapers to a 2 lane crossing ....
There has been a lot of activity .. at least they are closing the dangerous ditch on either side of the road . But the patchwork is very poor , the extended part of the road is dangerous for riders .. while driving you will feel your rear wheel slipping at points just because the road is very unevenly tarred .
One of the biggest problems and risks for commuters is that there are no definite bus stops . Cannot blame bus drivers for stopping anywhere because there is simply no definite and sufficient place to stand .
On top of that there are strange diversions .Any diversions should be properly marked and well lit . At night I have just whizzed past some of these diversions just at the right moment . A slightly careless driver , and you will be very sorry if you live to see your injuries. At some points the diversions are so poorly done that whil driving straight you may simply fall in a pit . Aggresive driving is a result of the frustations of driving through these roads. Either you wait endlessly in a jam created just by traffic mismanagement or you are driving on a roller coaster ride. Day in and day out after paying such hefty road taxes , such high taxes for oil , the vehicle normal citizens can expect some decent amount of infrastructure in place so that they can commute safely . Stretches of the road have no tar ,whenever a vehicle passes it is only dust that it leaves behind . See the leaves of the trees near the Hosur road and you'll get an idea of the amount of pollution in that area. Very little of this is contributed by the vehicles I would say. It is the cutting down of trees , a proper landscape or the lack of it has contributed to the pollution. I will keep this thread alive for venting the frustations of Hosur road travel or rather travelling in bangalore as a general .

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