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I was reading a report on the 'Times of India' titled - 'Taking Wildlife Photos is not Conservation'. That is indeed true in some respect.
Just a few weeks back I had visited the 'Dandeli' Wildlife Sanctuary ( Read about the post in detail). I enjoyed the trip a lot. However my delight was short lived as I read this sad news about 'Illegal Tourist Activities' in Dandeli. I was especially pained by the fact that tourists who go to visit these places have absolutely no respect for the animals,trees or the people there.
Our Indian superstars,celebrities or eminent personalities have not been exactly gracious either. There were reports about the black buck killing allegedly by Salman Khan and others. It seems the case is still on and no one is convicted yet.
However the worst news was this one about 'Musk Fetish'. When the protectors become the poachers , its almost a lost cause.

I feel that tourists who travel with friends,family etc should be educated to be sensitive to the wild. They are ignorant and perhaps don't realize they maybe the last generation of human beings enjoying a wildlife trip.

The Indian Wildlife Club has come up with something very interesting. They have started a couple of Online courses. Visit this page for the details -

There are two courses
1> Leadership Course in Biodiversity
2> Basic Course in Entomology

I am sure there would be a few persons interested to take this course, learn about our rich diversity in flora and fauna and contribute to the actual conservation. By the end of it an enlightened tourist should care for the sensitive nature and help to preserve it.


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