Shivanasamudra and Male Mahadeshwara - Day Trip from Bangalore

A few weeks back we decided to make a short day trip to a local sightseeing spot called 'Shivanasamudra Waterfalls'.
This year with plenty of rains in this part of Karnataka, we were expecting a wonderful sight. The Shivanasamudra falls is actually made up of two waterfalls on the Cauvery River. One is called 'Ganaganchukki' and the other one is called 'Bharachukki'. We went to the Gaganachukki waterfalls directly because we did not really figure out how to go towards Bharachukki falls.

The first sight on the way towards the Shivanasamudra island was breathtaking. We stopped by to click a few snaps near the old broken bridge. It was almost flooded everywhere and the speed of the gushing water beneath was something to experience.

Crossing the Shivanasamudra Dam
 Crossing the river by car from where the old bridge is visible.

Water water everywhere
Before entering Shivanasamudra
Walking on the old bridge.

Soon we were in the nice parking lot of the 'Gaganchukki' waterfalls. This place is infested with monkeys and hence avoid all kinds of food.

The first view of the waterfalls is mesmerizing. With a lot of rainfall , the whole area was buzzing with the sound of water and the force of the waterfalls was something to enjoy. The area is now safely enclosed with guard rails and seating arrangements.
Bharachukki and Gaganchukki waterfalls

I clicked a few snaps from my mobile camera and enjoyed the splendor for a while.
Shivanasamudra waterfalls

 It was already a bit late and starting to feel hungry we decided to go to a nearby town Kollegal.
After lunch since there was a lot of time for us to spend we decided to visit the Male Mahadeshwara temple .It is situated at the top of a hill called 'Male Mahadeshwarabetta' . It is infact a very pleasant drive from Kollegal towards Kowdahalli and then to the temple.

The place is quite serene and with forests around its a very nice drive. The only aspect which pained me was that tourists visiting the temple or traveling in this area threw bananas to monkeys sitting near the roads. Probably they wanted to get some quick blessings from the gods ,but little do they realize that they are endangering the lives of the animals. The monkeys attracted by the bananas jump on the road to collect the food and vehicles going uphill or downhill have to show real good driving skills to avoid accidents.

Once inside Mahadeshwarabetta , forest entry fees have to be paid.  We just went around to visit the temple. It was a normal Saturday afternoon, hardly any crowd and quite nice. We left our footwear in the car ,parked it nearby and walked to the temple.

Male Mahadeshwar temple
A very nice temple to visit especially if there is less crowd.

By the time we came out it was already evening. We drove down the hills of Mahadeshwarabetta and to Kanakpura. Evening time Kanakpura town was a very sleepy town with hardly any traffic.
We reached Bangalore early enough to grab dinner at a local chinese restaurant. A nice way to end the day.

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