Bird Watching at Hesaraghatta

Hesaraghatta Lake a favorite spot for birdwatchers. It is around 50 km from south Bangalore and can be approached easily from Tumkur Road. One fine morning I jumped at an opportunity to accompany my friend to a sunrise trip to this place.

The Hesaraghatta lake at present did not seem to have any water. Its mostly a grassland and there are multiple different avian species which will delight anybody.

We reached the place just around sunrise time and it was an awesome experience to watch the sunrise from the top of a mound.

The place had a feeling of desolation, but that was soon gone as we saw a few other photographers in their cars.

There were village cows en route to the grassland. Lot of good grass.

This magnificent bird perched itself on a mound. I learnt that  there are different kinds of birds, some like to perch on mounds, some on the trees , some fly low, some walk on the grass and many other more varieties. Its fascinating if you have someone to explain the way of the birds.

All birds were quite like enjoying the morning sun, which is like a photographer's delight. Driving close enough to the bird to get a good focus is possible. However you must be equipped with a very good camera.

Some of the birds are so small and camouflaged with the foliage that its easy to miss them.

There are a lot of other animals too. We saw a snake and we also saw a mongoose. Not at the same place though.

There are wonderful bugs which show the diversity of the place and displays the strength of the ecosystem that lets the birds survive.

One has to be a crafty driver to drive through the established trails and also through the grass at times. Its best to have a SUV kind of vehicle. The lesser the noise it makes the better it is.

We managed to take snaps of a Kestrel which appeared to be a lot of photographing delight. Two three cars zeroed in on this wonderful bird to take a good snap.

This was another amazing bird perched on a tree top.

Sometimes the birds just chill and relax. This Heron gave that opportunity. Several cars came near to it and photographers captured good pictures.

This is a rafter , an extremely beautiful bird. Its vibrant colors are magnificent.

This was one big camera.

We left the place around 10 AM as it was getting too hot to move around and we urgently needed some food.

The drive back home was uneventful and the usual traffic of Bangalore delayed us.

My suggestions from my first visit to this place. Hope to go there again soon.
1> Take a SUV kind of vehicle that will be able to go off the trail into the deep grassland with more undergrowth
2> Make sure your vehicle doesn't make too much noise, especially the reverse parking sensor, door lock etc
3> Must take a very good camera ,especially with a good zoom and higher ISO functions.
4> Be very patient and not hurry while driving. Sudden movements tend to frighten animals and birds
5> Take some food.

So long , good bird watching and photography.


  1. Very real pictures. The beauty of Asia. thanks to share such a nice posts with us.

  2. May be of interest to many

  3. Great shot, Tourists have an opportunity for bird watching at Hesaraghatta lack which want travel near north-west of Bangalore in Karnataka state.

  4. Awesome snaps. It's best not to go off-trail. Ecosystem over there is already too damaged.


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