Manchanabele Dam to Savanadurga

Manchanabele Dam is located just 50 km from Bangalore South and about 9 km from Mysore Road. One fine winter afternoon we decided to make this short trip on my friend's Scorpio.
After a hefty lunch , we sped off towards Mysore Road. There is a narrow road that goes in from Mysore Road and it gets narrower as it goes inside. Its so narrow that one four wheeler has to make way for another on this stretch.
 The first view of the Manchanabele Dam is a big magnificent reservoir. This reservoir is also one of the major water supplies of Bangalore and Magadi. However the entry to the dam was prohibited and a police person said there is no provision to go inside.

So we were a bit disappointed and decided to go to Savanadurga. The route from Manchanabele to Savanadurga passes through a forested area and its really great drive. It seemed like there are a lot of good spots of bird watching around this place.

 I was simply lucky to catch this beauty near a water hole.
View of Savanadurga from the road linking Manchanabele Dam to Magadi-Ramnagar road.

 A beautiful view en route to Savanadurga.

 Savanadurga, a beautiful view.

Another small bird perched on the long grasses

A small broken temple complex on the way to Savanadurga.

Fig trees.

The big mass of Savanadurga. It seemed a lot of people make way to the top. It was pretty steep and I gave up soon as it appeared to be pretty dangerous to me. It was getting late and the
 sunset view from this place is great.

We went into the Savanadurga temple , a nice complex just beside the mountain and the main bus stand.
The return journey was uneventful. We took the Magadi-Ramnagar main road and joined Mysore Bangalore Highway at Ramnagar.
Have to return to the dam and to Savanadurga and spend some time here next time.


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  2. Manchanbele dam though prohibited area but the gates are open. The guard allows inside for meager 10 rupees. No one will say you ''DO NOT ENTER WATER.'' Waterbed is dangerous with deep pockets lined with slippery silt deposit. lost our young son in law 16th of June. Many many deaths have occurred but administration has gate open, No warning signboard near waterside, No rescue measure available.


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