Mekedatu is only about a 120 kilometres from Bangalore. It is one of the most wonderful tourist spots near to Bangalore. The term 'Mekedatu' means goat's leap in Kannada. There are two rivers Cauvery and Arkavati that merge at a place called Sangam and flows down a few kilometres to Mekedatu. The river flows through a fascinating gorge which is really a great view.

The route towards Mekedatu is a very scenic route on Kanakpura Main road. One has to cross Kanakpura village and drive straight.

Once upon reaching the river , we had to leave our vehicles and just wade across the river. Its shallow and pretty safe to cross. There are slippery stones to avoid and cross the river where everyone else is crossing. It may not be a good idea to try this in the rainy season or immediately after heavy rains.
Just after the river crossing we found a couple of buses that were probably the most primitive kind of buses that I ever saw in my life. We boarded one of those, because the sightseeing point is a good 3 to 4 kilometres from the river.

This bus was in such a dilapidated state and falling apart from all sides that I barely managed to cling on to my seat during the journey. Somehow we managed it without breaking any bones.

Once we reached the sightseeing point , there is a short walk and a fascinating sight was ahead of us.

There were numerous places where one can get killed easily. Found a few adventurous ones  attempting to cross these areas and a few of them also enjoying a beer or two with their friends.Some of them were really having trouble returning to where they started from after having the beers and literally scratched their asses and came back on all four.

But if you can avoid the beer and the risky areas, its a delight to watch. we were lucky that it was not very sunny. A cloudy day gave us some magnificent  views of the place.

Soon it was time to return. We tried different angles to figure out where exactly a goat or even a horse can jump across the gorge, but it seemed pretty risky even to approach the edges.

We decided to walk back the first time I went. There we met a couple of photographers, who were trying to get some good shots across the land. We discovered that apart from the sightseeing place , the whole area was kind of an adventure spot. Its amazingly beautiful and dangerous.
 We never really were able to go anywhere near the river , except near the bus stand. But we got very decent shots.
 The return journey was equally beautiful. We had a good lunch at a hotel just at the river crossing point.
A few things to note.
1. Do not try to cross the river during the rainy season, it may be dangerous
2. Of course try to avoid the beer , because its dangerous and littering is equally bad
3. There is a nice hotel for food before crossing the river, but there is no food after that. Ice cream vendors were there at the sightseeing spot.

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